KJ Holdings Co., Ltd.

Administration, management services, finance policy, new business investment, etc. for various types of subsidiaries

Kemet Japan Co., Ltd.

Sales of abrasives (slurry, diamond powder, etc.), plates, pads and other grinding equipment

As the Japan sole agent in charge of one wing of Kemet, the UK-based world leader in precision grinding using diamond abrasives, we present internationally recognized and outstanding products and precision grinding technology. We support R&D, manufacture and specimen preparation through diamond abrasives, grinding equipment and technology.


TESSHA Co., Ltd.

Development, manufacture and sale of environmental equipment (VOC disposal and deodorization equipment)

Founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of railroad rolling stock. Thereafter, along with the progress in motorization, expanded business into the fight against air pollution. Provided epoch-making environmental preservation products by developing catalyst mufflers to reduce car exhaust fumes, and catalytic deodorizing equipment for factory fumes.


Kohandenshikougyou Co., Ltd.

Development, manufacture and sale of inspection and assembly equipment (electronic parts)

Founded in 1956 to develop inspection equipment for capacitors and semi-conductor parts. Involved more recently in the promotion of wide-ranging energy savings on the production line by developing integrated equipment linking the entire inspection process including quality control from start to finish.


GYPPHY. Co., Ltd

Sales of ethical jewelry using moissanite
Viron Japan

Viron Japan. Co., Ltd

Sales of infrastructure equipment and non-ferrous metals, mango plantation management (Sri Lanka), AUTOBACS management (Sri Lanka), BRM Japan Agency


Business mainly involved in environmental improvement in Sri Lanka (waste disposal, water disposal, construction, rolling stock and cosmetic-related business)

Founded in August 2017 for environmental improvement in Sri Lanka. Provides Japanese technology and products including waste disposal equipment in order to improve people’s live.