Message from the CEO

代表取締役 滝川 聡

"We at System Seiko have long supported the development of the hard disk industry.
We polish, wash and inspect disks. These processes are linked by automation and we are proud of our enormous achievements in ensuring the world’s first system integration. Now that the hard disk industry has stabilized we have set our sights on developing new and wider-ranging fields by combining original ideas with the technology we have built up in order to move in new directions. Through collaboration with other companies in the group including KJ Holdings, we are crossing the frontiers of the industry as it has existed up till now and watching these new challenges bear fruit.
As in the saying “a company is its people,” we are convinced that both our past contribution and our future development are thanks to the pride and fighting spirit of technicians who create things that have never been seen before, combined with their inquiring minds that strive to please the client.
System Seiko will continue to take on positive challenges along with the companies in the KJ Holding Group and our other collaborators. As we further refine the technology and experience we have built up, we will add original ideas and inventions and contribute to society by providing customers with maximum value."

CEO Satoshi Takikawa

Company Philosophy

1. Trust

Everything is founded on trust

An organization which contributes to society through improved products created thanks to a trustworthy and healthy environment

2. Ingenuity

Originality is the mother of progress

A group which makes products full of flexible new ideas which are never stuck in outmoded ways of seeing and thinking