Message from the President

We, System Seiko, are a manufacturing company with world-class technologies, including automatic magnetic disk manufacturing equipment for hard disks. Our unique technology has been highly evaluated by customers and we have supported the development of the hard disk industry for many years. While the hard disk market has matured with the evolution of technology, we will continue to challenge new fields with the technology we have fostered so far, the attitude to grow with our customers, and the brave to take on challenges.

Society is undergoing dramatic changes right now. The relationship between technology, such as AI and Metaverse and human has changed significantly and is becoming a reality. On the other hand, awareness of global problems such as SDGs and carbon neutrality are growing, and actions are being taken around the world. System Seiko will continue to improve ourselves and provide value that enriches society adapting to the changing times and meeting the needs of customers.

President Makoto Otsuka

Company Philosophy

1. Trust

Everything is founded on trust

An organization which contributes to society through improved products created thanks to a trustworthy and healthy environment

2. Ingenuity

Originality is the mother of progress

A group which makes products full of flexible new ideas which are never stuck in outmoded ways of seeing and thinking