Integrated service

Integrated service provided by System Seiko

We offer complete solutions from deeper, wider domains.

"We provide total coordination of every aspect of manufacturing. By listening extremely closely to what our clients say we get the process going as smoothly as possible and watch it carefully from development and design to manufacturing and startup.
Technicians love nothing better than the challenge of a thorny problem where they must listen, think and implement. This is the integrated service provided by System Seiko."

Consultation ~ contract

Consultation ~ contract

Consultation and Discussion

“Can this be done?” “Would this be hard?” We share our clients’ difficulties by listening carefully to their various requirements. If need be, our discussions proceed on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement. We believe that listening is very important.

Conception and Proposal

Whatever the purpose, whether you want to shave, polish, wash, transport or inspect, we propose the ideal form on the basis of the technology we have developed up to the present. Making the most of our existing experience, yet without ever getting stuck in outmoded ways of thinking, we come up with flexible new ideas to deal with problems.

Confirming Specification and Producing Estimate

On the basis of numerous conversations with the client, we summarize decisions in a specification sheet and provide an estimate.

Order Contract

When the order is accepted, we formally start making the equipment.

Design ~ Wiring



This is allocated among machine design, control design and optical design. Depending on the scale of the equipment, we may ask one of our collaborators to help.

Preparing Parts


Basically, assembly is carried out by technology (manufacturing department). Depending on the scale of the installation, we may ask one of our collaborators to help.


Installing Software ~ After sales Service


Installing Software

Software is compiled by technology (control department). Depending on the scale of the installation we may ask one of our collaborators to help.

Debugging and Adjustment

Debugging and adjustments are carried out by technology (control department and manufacturing department).

Observation and Function Verification

Preliminary verification to ensure that the installation has been completed according to the specification discussed with the client, is carried out in the client’s presence.

After sales Service

We provide support as far as possible by dealing with post-delivery inquiries, selling expendable parts, providing regular inspections, carrying out overhauls and replacing parts which have been discontinued.